Scheduling sequence

Rolling Menus Scheduling Sequence

     To avoid confusion in scheduling vendors for an event or location our office team has created this sequence to provide answers, fill expectations and hopefully avoid confusion in this seasons bookings and events.  This is a trial system so feedback is appreciated.


  1.  A Rolling Menus Agent or the Office will notify all potential vendors of open bookings or events by group e-mail and soon slack.

  2. Vendors respond if available and negotiate the dates with the RM team or Agent, upon acceptance by the Agent, Office and Vendor....

  3. The RM Agent or Office will then record the Vendors booking in our google spreadsheet for the event or location.

  4. The RM Office will then send a CRM e-mail confirmation with parking instructions. 

  5. The RM Office will then add the Vendors name to the appropriate google calendar on the day and time of the event booking. See  (An email notification is added 2 hours before the event but you can also add the event you your own google calendar by pressing the add link.)

  6. The RM Office will then link the calendar date to each Vendors RM shared marketing folder with things like menu's, logo's, product's and any promotional materials or pictures inside. Previously we were trying to link the items individually, we now see that the folders are more fun with lots of pictures for the clients to browse.  (So it is important to add anything you want the clients to see, plus making it easier to update your menu with no middle man.) If you have problems accessing your folder, just e-mail us and we can work out details. We succeed by working together.

  7. The RM office and Agents will try and post on Social Media sites, pages etc., for the Vendor, location and event. Please let us know if there is any #hashtags that you like to use for your business. (We are experimenting on posting in Utah online Classified pages, Various Utah Foodie sites and have created pages for weekly recurring events)


  8. The RM Office generates a square invoice according to the terms of the location or event.        If there was a problem, rained out, poor attendance, etc., please talk to us at the time of            event or booking so we can work something out.  Cancellations the day of event will still        be invoiced unless you have found a replacement or medical, family emergency. Again            talk to us we succeed together.  (Some events are prepaid, please check the event in                  question)

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