Why Rolling Menus

   My Family is unique and individualistic, we love food and we love Utah, fun loving, goofy, chasing squirrels... Utah is who we are, and what we do. 

   As a family we have always loved food trucks, We love how community-driven the trucks are while being creative and fun. Seeing a friend panic trying to find and schedule food trucks for their event I saw how my family and I could help and become a part of this great industry.

   Now we specialize in connecting companies to Utah's food trucks for lunch stops and catering. -And connecting the community back to the food trucks through charities, special events, and weekly roundups.   

Nate & Tiffany Adams
Utah Small Business
The Fam Dam.

The executive officer, chief cook, head bottle washer, secretary, collection agent, media specialist, chauffeur and the one who forgets to take out the trash on Tuesday.    -Who is what depends on the day.

Call us corny but we are from Utah and we love our home, what better way to earn a living then promoting family businesses, fun, and prosperity.

What can we say, we're just some local kids who grew up here... We are -of the valley, from the valley, for the valley.

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